"Addiction is something I battle with everyday."

"I wear the GPro Wristband as it reminds me to stay clean. It's a daily battle. In and out of rehab I finally hit bottom when I almost died. I have no insurance. I get government aid and sometimes the hospitals give a grant and sometimes they don't. I want a better life but it's hard to avoid the grasp it has on you. I have a son and want to do better for him. Last year I was clinically diagnosed with Scysophrynia. I smoked and inhaled so much home made "dirty" meth that it had advertantly and permanently damaged my brain. I have medication I have to take for the rest of my life. I lost my teeth and had blisters on my head.  One person in my life, only one and not a family member either, that stepped up and said, "Bryce your big brother cried when he saw you the other day walking in town in your pajamas with holes in your shoes and high, and huge blisters on your scalp and rotted teeth. You need to get your life together."  Rochelle and GPro have been there and inspired me, that I can do this and keep on improving my life. I am worth it." I now go to meetings once a week, I have a new job, I see my son alot more. And now he has a cousin, my brothers daughter. I got my life back."
~ Bryce  2015


GPRO Update: May of 2016. Bryce checks in with us and we get huge hugs everytime we see him.  :-)

Addiction:  Don't ignore it. Stop the Sweeping it under the rug syndrom. It can start with you.

"We're all alone..."

When you're an addict, you are alone. No one cares. No one will stick by you. You find out real fast who your friends are. You really have no one. I struggle every day.  We need people in our corner. There is none to little medical assistance and the cost to stay clean is costly. I didn't have any money to get to a rehab center so I detoxed myself. And I didn't know you should never detox yourself. Now I will have seizures for the rest of my life.


Miss ____., You've been one of the biggest inspirations in my life period. And you gave me the hope that one day I could do the things you do... I have looked up to you since we met. I have been clean and doing fairly well. I have my own business now and things are picking up. I am the best I have been in years. You have been a huge inspiration and mentor and I love you for that."

~ Michael

"I want to tell all the young kids my age that It's such an adrenalin high to drop off a 30 foot wave." I love surfing!

I also want to ask kids to find an alternative to getting through tough times. Life is hard, so find a sport or something fun to do. Respect your body and find a interest that makes you happy and healthy. I have met so many great people and make some amazing new friends."

~ Tommy

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Our Youth! To help them stay clean and build a new life. Insurance coverage is not available for this lifelong struggle. Some drug abuse has severe permanent affects on the body. Help us help them. Donate today.

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