What we do:

We inspire Better life choices and a healthy, active and fun lifestyle.

We inspire young adults who are fighting this lifelong battle, to stay clean.

We get the Lethal Drug Warnings out to the public quickly.

We promote active outdoor and indoor sports. 

We write articles of inspiring and/or accomplished Junior athletes.

GPro Foundation.org shares news and updates on legislation changes.



A few other things we are do:


• Social Media to share updates and dangers in this very real addiction epidemic • Encouraging donating to a recovery facilities in our area • Promote "scholarships for eduation or for recovery" as insurance coverage is limited or unavailable! • We attend or hold our own Events to introduce Pro-Athletes, to inspire a better lifestyle choice! • Create awareness of laced and lethal combinations • Inspire through Health and Fitness • Promote a clean environment • Inspire and promote a healthy, happy lifestyle • Stress Management Education • Fitness Education and healthy cooking ideas • Personal contact with Politicians and Leaders • Partnering with Sponsors and Rehab Facilities Nationwide • GPRo attends seminars and classes given by Caron Treatment Center to stay curent on news, clinical diagnosis and treatment education & counseling. • We will give away free products for indoor or outdoor sports.


Please keep in mind... Addiction is not always intentional. New Drugs are continupously being circulated. Drugs like Pink Death, Car Fetynol, Methadone, Amphetamines and Heroin and Laced Heroin are being made more affordable to young adults on the black market. This fun or escape from reality from lifes hard knocks, Kills instantly. From a few hits casually at a weekend party, to a life of addiction after only a few uses. It destroys lives and even kills!  Various Fetynol recipes, Meth and Heroin are almost immediately addictive. And thousands per year that are first time users are dying.


GPro: We are a non-profit designed specifically, to talk about these killers!

"Addiction and alcoholism", it comes in many forms, faces, deliverables and combinations. “Crystal Clean” is our tagline to describe our mission as a and better WWAY to live life healthy and happy in a better environment. Getting our youth to Get clean and stay “CRYSTAL CLEAN” for the rest of their lives is where are focus is. Staying clean with a fresh start is a lifelong journey.

Awareness, Inspiration and Help.

First and foremost we talk about the lethal products (laced drugs, alcohol and opioid combos) that are killing our young adults and future leaders at events. We give away great prizes from NITRO Snowboards and MADRID Skateboards, and outdoor sports classes or training lessons at the outdoor sports events we attend. Travel expenses are covered by the foundation.



We have partnered with Specialized care givers and therapy centers across the nation. And we are building a network between Pro-Athletes, Adrenalin Sports Manufacturers and Substance Abuse Care Centers Globally. We are communicating to youth and adults by attending fundraising events when we can. We need your donation dollars to continue on our quest.



Addiction is a lifelong battle: Prescription drug abuse and meth are very addictive and can cause adverse or permanent affects on the human body. Unattended withdrawal or detox can have permanent affects that lead to seizures or needs for medical care on a long term basis. Without proper funding after an initial detox, it can be the difference, between life or death, success or failure.

Young adults today have great pressure in this economy. The unemployment rate is at an all time high. Once these graduates are finding it harder and harder to gain employment in their chosen field; they may default on their loans. This in turn ruins their credit and they turn to these “Affordable substances” to cope with their depression; which can lead to a serious, serious addiction.  From Meth to Heroine or from pills to Meth, or alcohol abuse to Meth to Heroine. Too many options for a higher high, moving from one to another then combining things KILLS. You just saw in the news a great actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman overdose in Feb 2, 2014. A long-term battle with addiction.

Turning to drugs has become more and more common. Unfortunately, an individual can become addicted quickly and easily over a very short period of time without them perhaps even realizing it. Because these “new highs” are very addictive, quickly addictive and now become a dependency, it has become uncontrollable, they, become trapped. It’s a trap for others who are associated to the abuser whether it is a family member, friend or other addicts and dealers.

Pink Death, Fetyon, Car-Fetynol, Dirty Meth, Heroin, opiods, OTC or cleaning products Kill. Dirty Meth can be made from the home with basic home products and it is just that dirty. Heroin is historically the cheapest it's ever been. One bag can range anywhere from $5 to $17 dollars. Prescription pills can be stolen from seniors or family or friends. It is more attainable high and has all but replaced cocaine abuse. Now they are hooked with no insurance for emergency care after an initial detox program and few to no options for long-term care.

This is where we come in...  We are Getting the word out there through the social media and events. It's still not top of mind or readily available in the news. We want our young adults as well as the old not only GET clean but stay clean. They can only do this through the proper treatment facilities, detox programs, counseling for then and their families for a lifetime.
Staying clean... “Crystal Clean” is for the rest of their lives... is harder than the first detox session. "Staying Crystal Clean” will be lifelong journey and demands a lifestyle change, new friends and a new outlook on life. We want to fund their success.


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