Our Goal: 2018 National Ad Campaign

"Join us in this national movement...

“Crystal Clean” Advocacy for today's Future Leaders... our youth!


• Have more training centers for coping skills and furthered education programs to start a “New Life or Get one before they turn to drugs. We take the Proactive approach”.  A happier life. A clean life. An exciting life! They need help now to get on track and then stay on track to a better way: through positive reinforcement and intervention nad a fresh, new life.

• They need counseling for stress management and coping skills. This all costs money for continued care after detox. Well the money is just not there to meet the fast paced growing numbers. We have reached an epidemic level of addicts and alcohohlism in this country and globally.  Legislation is coming but we won't see this for quite some time (and probably not enough funding with this nations deficits), once legislation is passed. So there is always going to be a need for Prevention and Continued Care, as more and more are becoming addicted daily in our nation and globally.


Even with all the media coverage, Not all insurance companies recognized the need for continued care. And our college grads who become addicted through depression from lack of employment, (which seeds depression and leads to abuse) or an abusive inhabitance, or just by accident. They do not have access to the medical insurance coverage needed!! It’s a mess quite frankly.


Counseling and the facts:


And don't be fooled, this isn't just affecting our future leaders, it is affecting entire families with the unemployment rate being at it’s highest in decades. The “Affordable high” is an easy out for unemployed adults. Young adults from the ages of 12 to 22 is a new demographic is adversely affected by what is going on at home.


Inspiration: Getting young adults, teenagers, children and adults into sports.

Teach them that the greatest high is to feel good about what you do. We build pride as instructors and professional athletes and we inspire as well as create awareness of the lethal drugs out there. Help us get the word out and help them today! Get the word out through GPRO and GPRO Events. www.GProFoundation.org

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