GPRo needs your donation dollars. Every life is priceless.

You can't put a $ value on a young adults life.

"We are Pro Athletes who do Good Deeds & Come Together Everyday!"
Addiction or alcoholism is not always Intentional. Warnings are not prevalent.


Join us in this new movement...

“Crystal Clean” Advocacy for today's Future Leaders...

Our Youth! To help them stay clean and build a new life.


"We can't stop what we don't know is happening."

  • GPRO is On Social Media with 5 stars. GPRO shares news and information on the latest lethal products out there such as Pink Death,CarFetynol, Dirty Meth, Laced drugs and the devastating combinations of drugs and alcohol. We actually pay for ads to warn of new Lethal drugs.

  • GPRO creates awareness through positive inspiration by attending events accross the East. We would like to take it acxross the Nation.

  • GPRO is a Fundraising Advocacy for Detox Treatment Funding and Continued Care, counseling and education. There is little to virtually no insurance coverage for continued care.

  • In 2018 we plan to run a National Ad Campaign. We need your donation dollars to get the message out to save lives and inspire our future leaders through proactive messaging!

  • GPRO will give away products for outdoor or indoor sports to young adults through our sponsors.

We need you to get the word out more than ever. Just when the authorities think they have Fetynol under control, Pink Death comes out and kills young adults. Share us in the conquest to talk about a Healthy Active Lifestyle, through better choices, to young adults and teens everywhere. Children are dying everyday experimenting with these drugs. Narcan is hepling on overdose victims but we are a proactive team to inspire not to even go down that path. It's up to you to help. Please give today.

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What we do:

We inspire.

SPONSORS AND ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES: Sponsors have the options of advertisements on our website, newsletters and through our on-going events or donate products for giveaways at one our events. Contact us at: or call 1-857-272-5380.

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Because we deal with the sensitive topic of addiction and alcoholism we do not publish our address or the addresses of athletes.

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