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Welcome to The GPro Foundation, located in Boston, Massachusettes, USA!

Where GOOD Deeds and Professional Athletes Come Together.

The first and foremost goal of our non-profit organization is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We strive to inspire the lives of those who need the help, who can't do it themselves. Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by just one conversation? Through inspiration, awareness and athletic contributions we will make a difference.

Want to know more about us and our projects? Reference our Facebook page to read about the work we have done so far and our plans for the future. Do you like what we do and want to know what you can do to help? Email us at:, our dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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"It's Not Always Intentional."

 You can't put a $$ value on a young adults life... 

Because it is priceless. What do we do? We save lives. Addiction is not always intentional. Stop the judgmental avoidance of this epidemic. Be a positive inspiration to others. Talk to someone today if you think they may be addicted or going down that path. It just may save a life. I know, because I did.


Thank you for visiting our site from the bottom of our hearts. Join our friends on Facebook or email us at: to become a member, sponsor or private donor. Go to our contact page to sign up to show your support.


Rochelle Vergalito

Foundation Executive Director for Non-Profit

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THE CRISIS is not over just because the election is. Let's talk about it! The numbers are out of control. Even Trump acknowledges this in his own words. "Too many young lives unrealized" from overdoses in the Ignaugural speech.

The GPro Foundation was founded on the idea of:

  • Creating awareness of the latest "Lethal" products and detrimental combinations of drugs and alcohol" out there.
  • We open up the lines of communications between, youth, peer to peer, child to parent, family members and friends.
  • We share News and the Latest information.
  • We send out "GPRO Alerts!" here and on social media and advertisements.
  • We hold or attend select events.
  • We give away athletic gear like Nitro Snowboards or MADRID Skateboards to young adults and kids in partnershp with our sponsors.

Why we are here... addiction affects everyone. It's a tough road to travel when you are addicted.

Talk to your kids about addiction BEFORE they try it. God forbid they unknowingly get a hold of a lethal laced drug and end up dead, like the two 13 year old boys from Utah who purchased laced drugs on-line. These laced products are out on the streets and easily available on-line. (The laced ones are unidentifiable.) It could save their life. Don't put it off another day. Dontate today and help us get the word out.


Talk about drugs, lethal products and the harms that arise from these things. I can't emphasize enough how it could save a life. Explain how addiction works, how it is NOT how to handle stress. If you don't know how to start the conversation order one of our wristbands and wear it. When they ask what it that for?... you're on board with the conversation now!  Get kids involved in something fun! Something THEY WILL LOVE. BE their Inspiration. BE their Hero!

This story is one of millions on a global level:

Son gets news his Mom overdosed. This is an epidemic. Please talk about addiction and the laced drugs out on the street.

See the whole story on  "We are so sorry for Brendens loss and appreciate he and his son's bravery in sharing their story."

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Join us in this new movement...

“Crystal Clean” Advocacy for today's Future Leaders...

Our Youth! To help them stay clean and build a new life. Insurance coverage is not available for this lifelong struggle. Some drug abuse has severe permanent affects on the body. Help us help them. Donate today.

GPro, the Foundation

What is GPRO... It's where famous sports people donate their time or donate their equipment. They inspire towards GREATNESS, GIVING, GOOD DEEDS, GROWTH & GETTING inspired to live a better lifestyle.

About GProFoundation


As a brand new organization we will host or join events nationwide seeking to inspire a positive lifestyle. Our mission is to get help for young adults and adults to change their lives and stay clean from addiction and alcoholism. The insurance companies do not or cannot cover all the needs of this lifelong battle. We will continue to have events or join events to attain donations and raise awareness to help them because, we do care.

GET help. We have a network of counsellors and rehab facilities on speed dial. Contact us today.


...for help in contacting a counselor or rehab center for a friend who is addicted or if you are, GO for yourself for a better tomorrow.

GET Educated about the lethal drugs or laced products that kill after one experimental use. And not just drugs but the combinations of prescription pills and alcohol can kill. Did you know, some combined prescriptions medications, prescribed by doctors, can have adverse affects or even cause death?

We suppport the Caron Foundation.

Some states have begun to reduce their number of deaths-Is your state doing all they can?!!

Last year  and  now, drug overdoses still killing: Fetynol is not the end all, According to CDC.


GPRO will be attending a meeting in NYC during the UN General Assembly, Head of State in Palau and the Minster of Health! A much needed visit for Health Care Initiatives on Diabetes, Addiction and other diseases...

PINK DEATH is the Latest KILLER!

Pink Death Fetynol is Pink! If you see it don't touch it, breath in near it or use it. It is paralyzing and deadly. These dealers are sick!  2-2018

Caleb died...

in a Sober House in Massachusettes.

Go to our News Section to see how to prevent it from happening to someone you now.

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) S.524/H.R.953

While it authorizes over $181 million each year in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic, monies must be appropriated every year, through the regular appropriations process, in order for it to be distributed in accordance with the law. see more:

NEWS: Vermont is making headway. They are testing a new program to get addicts help instead of jail time. 

Be Aware! Flakka is back!

Heroin, Oxyneo, Fetynol combo PILL sold on line... Opioid combos... are killing thousands of youths! ...Our future leaders!

Share GPROs Facebook page! The GPro Foundation is here to share information about lethal products for todays youth and adults. Find us on Facebook!

Congrats to Maggie on winning the MADRID longboard. Keep ridin' Girl!

Brent Bielmann

Brent Bielmann our new sponsor!

What a Killer Photographer & Artist! You have seen his images on Surf Magazine, Fluir, DEE, Swell, Surf Europe and Grind TV, Gap Advertising and Fashionista and more. Check out his website. Many Thanks Brent! Aloha!!

What we do through GPRO.

Inspiration & Awareness: Getting young adults, teenagers, children and adults into sports.

Teach them that the greatest high is to feel good about what you do. We build pride as instructors and professional athletes and we inspire as well as create awareness of the lethal drugs out there. Help us get the word out and help them today! Get the word out through GPRO and GPRO Events.

Please donate today to make a difference in someones life. Donate today. $1.00 or $1,000.00... whatever your heart tells you to do. It will be put to great use! No donation is too small.

We would like to thank our sponsors: Caron, MADRID Skateboards and NITRO Snowboards. You guys Rock!!

Deadly Greed of Pharmaceutical Companies

See what ABC News has to say...  News

News: Addiction Articles and Blogs

Nearly 75 people reportedly overdosed on dangerous narcotics, possibly heroin laced… S.U.R.F.E.S.A. competition in NJ.

News: Addiction & substance abuse articles, events throughout the year & more. Like Us on Facebook!

Become a member by signing up on our membership page or go to one of the events we attend or host.

We have to talk about Addiction and the lack of assistance! There is no continued care funding or insurance to stay clean and get a fresh new start! You heard it from the POLITICIANS themselfs in the National Debates for the Presidency of the USA.

Help us, help our young adults. Donate today.


• We will be posting more news about lethal products or combinations that are out there. See our Events page too!


We are making headway!


• The Policians are listening... and talking about it in their 2016 Presidential Election Campaigns!! ie: Govenor Christy and Jeb Bush! Let's not stop there; keep pushing for legislation to change!


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Cool Event!!!

Great turn out! Cool Event! Get Psyched for the next event!  Check back for information. Thanks to our sponsors and fans and suporters and volunteers who stoped by our booth or helped out!
Please like our page: GProFoundation on facebook. We get new fans everyday. We create Lethal drug awareness and inspiration to a healthy athletic lifestyle.

If you want to compete, go to: to sign up. Cash prizes and way to much fun!!!!  Meet the Pro's in the Pro Riders Division.

NJ WAKEOFF 2016 USA, August 13.
Pictured here is The Foundation Director, Rochelle Vergalito, Professional Certified Ski Instructor

"GETTING to understand that a natural high of Adrenaline is an internal medicine. This inspires spiritual GROWTH and self confidence. Confidence that steers one away from a drug or alcohol lifestyle. A natural high is better!" ~ Rochelle says.


We are starting an exciting new year. Check with us month to month, or week to week, for updates on news and articles or to see which of the many events we will be attending in your area. It's a new year and a new chance to talk about addiction.


"If you know someone you think may have a problem... be a friend and talk about it. Don't ignore it... It Could Save a Life! I know, because I did!'  :) Rochelle Vergalito, Foundation Director.

Eastern Surfing Competition SURFSEA East Coast Surf Competition.

GROWTH IN SELF... AND GAINING new friends who already live a healthy happy lifestyle.

Pro-Riders at the New Jersey Wakeoff 2015!
Brian Sengenbush at the NJ Wakeoff. Photo by Rochelle Vergalito

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Donate $10 or more and recieve a free Sports bracelet. 
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"Crystal Clean"  Wind, Water, Air and You.  
A better W.W.A.Y. for a better planet and a better life!
WIND: Clear Air Energy
WATER: Protect our Oceans and Wild life

AIR: Pollution Control

YOU: Help raise awareness! You or a loved one can find the Rehab center near you.


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